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  1. Saw you blog link on the foxpro post and read it all. Great read and totally enjoyed it. LOTS OF GOOD PICS.
    I hunted coyotes over there last October getting to Arizona for 3 days and did manage a yote. Tried for a grey fox and bobcat while there but will have to wait till next time.
    I’m in Australia so not the variety of predators you have but I keep myself busy calling Red fox.
    Keep those stories coming.
    Regards vicfox.

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I am trying to keep this site updated this year. If you make it out this way again hit me up, I would be happy to go chase down those foxes and cats with you.

    • Hey Grady,

      This was my first year hunting up there in 20b, I made a total of 4 or 5 trips. Years ago I was in a prospecting club that had a bunch of claims in the area so it was nice to revisit some of those places with my head up instead of staring at the dirt. I was on the banks of Cow Creek north of the road to Humbug when I got attacked by that lion back in November. I am still a little freaked out by that area, went hiking up there a few times after but I’m not sure I will be calling out that way any time soon.

  2. I do a little prospecting to up In cow and humbug I ran into a big tom 2 years ago back there but never sense then probabaly the same lion there is a lot of good predator hunting back their good luck were you apart of roadrunner prospecting club

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